GHIBLI CITY 2154 – A lofty neon-dream of glass and stone, a promised glittering future of tech-based wonders and endless possibilities. As long as you had money or power. 

The reality: A soulless metropolis run by indifferent mega-corps and corrupt politicians, shielded safely behind their black glass barbicans and ivory towers.

The rest of the eight billion soul population crammed into the four hundred square kilometre slums of the Kamagasaki Sprawl under the crushing yoke of perpetual surveillance, hunger and envy.

Agent 11  MICK JAEGER, trapped between two worlds, both literal and figurative, one real and one digital. A mainframe merc, a corporate cop, indentured to wage war upon the weak, to hunt ghosts and sinners, alike.   

Download the Original Soundtrack here:


Game by Plexsoup, Caevv, SMAXBAT, AmerigoGazaway, Sequoia, DoggieBalloon

Code: Plexsoup, Caevv, Sequoia

Audio: AmerigoGazaway

Writing: SMAXBAT

QA & Playtesting: DoggieBalloon

Created in the Godot Game Engine

Source is available here:


Download 46 MB
Version 9 May 31, 2019
Download 46 MB
Version 8 May 31, 2019
Download 48 MB
Version 8 May 31, 2019
Download 35 MB


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Really enjoyed playing it, the music choice is excellent, the story very elaborate, also like the character animations and the improvised art, the scan mechanic is also very interesting but it would be interesting to see more use to it but I suppose it was due to time limitations, on the bad side the shooting is imprecise and the scenario art could be improved again I suppose by time limitations, overall excellent ambitious entry

Thanks for playing! Thanks for the nice comments.

We definitely had art-pipeline issues. Might address that in a post-jam version. We're discussing whether the best approach is asset packs, or if we should find an artist.

haha! I tried to make combo movements by pressing ctrl + w at the same time, guess what happened xD

Cool skeletal animation. Weird that enemies all look naked.


oh no, i just realized i was killing civilians left and right

Nice. Next game, the required controls will be alt and f4.


Anyways, once I figured out there's about 3 keys for attacking, it was all right