Frackit is a casual, avoider game made for Godot Wild Jam #5. The theme was Natural Disaster or One Control. I used both. The only control is the space bar and fracking might cause earthquakes.

Click your mouse in the game window once so key-presses will register. Then, press space to drill. Pressing and releasing space also controls the curl of your pipe. The drill speeds up at higher levels.

Avoid the rocks. Find the shale.  Destroy the village. Save the village.

Watch Rock Night Studios play Frackit on Twitch!

And here's the rest of the games from the Godot Wild 5 Jam.

Software used:

Godot 3.1 beta 1, Gimp, Inkscape, Audacity

Creative Commons sounds from

  • 8631__anton__male-drinking-slurping-aaaaaaaaaaah-small-belch
  • 69060__benboncan__mine-blasts
  • 85862__mwlandi__pumpmkin-guts-squish-1
  • 365997__vickyleao1__bike-pump
  • 410242__leoni-fs__grinding-metal

Music composed on Turtle Audio.

Install instructions

I had to remove all the particle effects to get it to run in the browser. 

You can download to play on windows desktop for better game-feel.

The desktop client works great for managing your itch downloads!

I've also exported for Linux and Mac, but I haven't tested those builds myself yet. (If anyone tries them, let me know if they work or not.)

All the source files for the Godot Engine are available in frackit1_1_SRC.zipI'll update the source files with the latest build soon


Download 47 MB
Download 56 MB
Download 57 MB
Download 113 MB
Download 47 MB


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