Cactus Notes is a Mind-Mapping / Brainstorming Application.

Created using the Godot game engine for the Godot Wild Jam #6

Create notes to record ideas for your next big project. Drag notes around and place them exactly where you want.


Use the mouse to lead the magnifying glass around and select notes.

Click on flowers to create new sticky notes. 

You may also navigate with the keyboard: 

  • shift + arrow keys to move around
  • ctrl + arrow keys to create new notes

Challenge Modes

For inspiration, two challenge modes are included. 

  • Time Attack - allows you to create ideas under time pressure
  • Raptor Attack - helps you identify which ideas are important when they're all under threat.

More Details

This is an early prototype. The application is still under active development and could greatly benefit from your feedback!

Source code is available here:

Software used: Godot Engine, Inkscape, Gimp, Audacity

Icons from, Sounds from freesound-org, Images from


Download 27 MB
Version 15 Feb 22, 2019
Download 29 MB
Version 18 Feb 22, 2019
Download 29 MB
Version 18 Feb 22, 2019
Download 29 MB
Version 3 Feb 16, 2019